HOH Concept 


HOH aims to provide an affordable retail space for local artisans, designers & crafters who would like to sell what they create. 


From the shopping experience and feel of the store to the careful selection of local talent, the heart of this project rests in the love of handmade. HOH aims to highlight the value of thoughtful making and mindful  consumption.  




• Being part of a community of makers 

• A defined space to sell your goods 

• Running of all aspects of the shop 

• Prime location within a major shopping centre with great foot traffic 

• A beautifully designed and lit retail space 

• Marketing and promotion on social media and in the community, on top of inclusion in the shopping centres promotional activities 

• Square Point of Sales – including bi weekly sales reports & stock management 

• Fixtures: racks, shelving display, trestle tables 

• Storage space to hold replacement stock to minimise need for deliveries




• Vendors pay a fixed fee starting at $125 weekly depending on the space size 

• Vendors receive the proceeds of their sales minus a 15% commission which covers transaction fees, insurance, packaging and storage




All businesses, established or emerging, need to connect with their customers and get feedback. Weekend markets have been a great platform for this until very recently (and very suddenly). The events of 2020 have seen sweeping changes across the market structure that have made it much more challenging to use it as a platform for testing the water or for sustained business. With social distancing measures sure to stay for at least another 18 months, markets will  be smaller and footfall will be less.  

The good news is that we have seen a return to regional areas! With borders closed and trips now limited, many people are taking advantage of the treasures on our doorstep.  







How much space can I get & what does it look like? 

We offer three different styles of space, and pricing varies depending on proximity to the front of the shop as well as  the general exposure/accessibility of the space. Once you have submitted your preference for a space location and style we will send you a picture of the available bays/areas for your final selection. 



• Adjustable shelving bays against the walls

• Panel boards suitable for hooks and/or hanging display

• Panel board floating stands located in the centre of the shop

• Glass table top space (110cm x 60cm) located in the the centre of the shop 

• Central shelving displays (120cm - 4 shelves, double side display) located in the centre of the shop 


When does the shop open its doors & when can I bump in? 

Trade begins from Thursday 15th October, opening hours will be between  9am - 5.30pm Monday - Saturday and 10am - 4pm on Sunday. 

Makers can set up their display from Friday the 9th October by arrangement - scheduled days are 

Friday 9th 12pm - 8pm

Sunday 11th 12pm - 6pm

Tuesday 13th 12pm - 6pm

Wednesday 14th 10am - 6pm

Restocking can occur within trading hours once the shop is opened.


How does the initial process work? 

For our set-up phase, the process would be as follows: 

1. Choose your preferred retail space & return your completed Agreement. 

2. Secure your offered space by paying your first rent payment. Due to the very short time we have to prepare the shop we cannot wait long for your down payment here. October’s rent is due by COB Wednesday 14th October  (covering dates 16th - 23rd Oct; we will invoice you).  

3. Prepare your stock and display for bump in. 

4. Once your items sell - we keep you updated via photos & reports. 

6. Early October we give you your first sales report, and you invoice us for your sales, and we pay you. 

How long do I have to commit for? 

Essentially the shortest time you can trial being in store is 1 month. Typically you will pay out the rest of the month’s rent in advance of bumping in, and then rent for the whole next month is due on the 30th/31st. If you decide you would like to terminate your rental agreement then send us an email giving 2 weeks notice. If there is remaining rent after your bump-out date this will be refunded to you.  


Do I have to provide my own packaging materials? 

HOH will maintain a supply of ribbons, tissue paper and kraft paper bags of several sizes behind the counter, and will handle the packaging, gift wrapping free of charge for our collaborators. We will do our best to wrap your items safely and nicely for  the customer. If you have packaging requirements beyond the above then you must provide the material and some specifics if necessary. 


What’s my competition? 

We are working hard to curate the range of goods in store to appeal to as wide an audience as possible, so every maker’s brand and products are unique in the selection. We will limit product categories in store so that there is minimal overlap.